Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dividing My Time

It took me about three weeks to do the 7 minutes video recapture of our cultural gathering. 
I had been juggling between some projects and personal duties. I’ve never been so occupied like this before. I’m in total control of my own time. I have no one to ask me what to do. While making music and videos is very much time consuming, you just don’t want to be interrupted. But, there are times interruptions do help to make us less selfish. So, I won’t say that I’m working too hard on one particular project but I’m trying to make time for every other important thing in life. I need to divide my time for others and myself. A good sleep and rest definitely has to be in the daily schedule. I do admit that I sometimes disobey this little rule like forcing myself through the night checking on the computer or cellphone. How important it is to listen to our body and senses. I shouldn’t go beyond the red light!!

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