Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life Here

It's so unbelievable that more than a month has gone. Well, life hasn't been really that smooth here in this place - with me being away from my life partner. Sometimes or perhaps all the times, we do have to bear with circumstances and consequences of life. But again, we'll survive if we strive to listen to the right voice in our hearts. To summarize, here are what happened throughout those weeks ...

We had been shocked by the news that our land had been invaded. Too bad to be true. Thank God things were under control. The world knows and I don't like to go in details but it was enough to hamper our aspirations for the future - which includes all our good intentions and wills.  Is this world a better place for us to live? We always say to make this world a better place for us and our future generations, but how??
I've been pondering a lot these while. As we strive to have a system here and there - within our own self, home, workplace and anywhere we are - a system which tells us to be always on the safe track, we begin to live as if someone is pressing a button in our life so that we move where it wants us to go .... So, this is it ... no wonder we have sorts of headache, stomachache, heartache, ... etc and heartbreak too.

How to live right then? 

No one lives without the Heart. Even if someone was born without limbs but has a 'golden' heart, he still can live a good and right life. The Heart hears, speaks, sees, tastes, feels, ... 

What actually happened to the Hearts of so many - including mine?

I believe this is the question we need to ask ourselves allll time!

Every moment is a challenge to seek and know the truth about ourselves. It lies right there inside our own very heart ... you don't need the court to prove it. The end will prove it for a new beginning.

On May 5th, I did my responsibility for the country. Whatever it is within our incapability, we leave our nation and country in the hands of our God.


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  1. It's sad to hear that your land is invaded Jane, it happened to my friend in Pitas too.. bikin meradang :(