Friday, July 5, 2013


It’s not that I have abandoned this blog but finally I just have to say that life is demanding so much of my time and energy – that for now this will be like a vacation home for me to sit and relax whenever I have the time – hoping to come back here more often.

Life does have so much to say – as we deal with works, daily chores, relationships and other life demands. 

Honestly, as I look at the clock ticking, my life is sped up and I’m breathless - as if I’m trying to catch and grab something, not to let it go.  Oh well! It’s either we grow old or die young – the only option is to move on gracefully. It doesn’t matter where we stop. 

The beauty of life is still there and it will be such a waste to let time pass just like that without looking at the wonderful things happening around us. 

I would like to have that joy and peace of mingling myself with what Mother Nature has given us – without thinking so much of rules and regulations – but only freedom which includes opportunities to learn from mistakes and failures.  

Yes, FREEDOM is the ultimate gift that each of us would like to have - which means time and space that we can use to the fullest and to the best of our being.  On the other hand, freedom has to be governed by the Rule of Love so that there will be peace and harmony within and around us. 
 Caught this bird one afternoon

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