Sunday, September 8, 2013

Having Less And Yet Enough

When I think about what is necessary in order to have a better and less stressful life - and yet still living life to its fullest, so often we think that by having a lot of properties and possessions in life will bring true satisfaction and success. But even with all these notions, I still agree that having less and yet enough is the key to a more peaceful life - through good times and bad times.

During this my so-called 'sabbatical', I prefer to choose a very simple life. It's like gathering every piece of me from the past, present and future. It's a right and precious time to know myself even much better  - and I'm so grateful for these moments. Here in this place, I have the opportunities to know more people from different backgrounds. I admit that I learn a lot from the friendships -  at the same time learning how to be more tolerant with each others' differences too.

Besides sharing some gifts and skills I have with the young, I'm also taking the opportunity to polish myself since learning and education never stop. At the same time, I'm still holding the dreams in my mind and heart. In order to be able to see them come true one day, this is my right time to begin - in a better and proper way. However, it's not an easy job and it's not a smooth progress. So often, I have to juggle between work and this personal commitment - within packed and tight schedule. Because of that, I try to declutter so that I can move freely within space and time.

So again, here I am with all my dreams for a better life condition each day ... because I believe that each day should become better and better ... I believe in the happy ending - which is also a happy beginning.

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