Saturday, September 14, 2013

There Is Always A Way

I have lived many years and there are times I lose track of certain things like the life span of some of my electronic items. So after few fast years without interruptions, I had my watch strap broken, adapter not working followed by the laptop itself, my cell phone which turned off on its own sometimes - I was thinking, how am I going to survive without all these. Before, I used to get whatever I wanted right there on that very moment. But after all the experiences in the past which taught me lots of lessons with regards to financial management - now I have come back to my senses. Rather than going right away to the IT superstore, I took time to reflect of all the other possibilities which wouldn't bring me to the wrong path of owing and paying. 

My watch is still working. It's just that I can't wear it because of the broken strap. I can't get it fixed because of it's company not available here. So, I still bring it with me in my purse. I have a good old citizen watch which I still can use if I change the battery. So, is there a need to buy another one? 

My cell phone seems cooperative. It still works and is showing some signs of improving. So, I can still use it though there is a strong desire to get a smartphone which I think for now is not that necessary. I don't even look at my old cell phone so often unless it rings. So, for now a smartphone is a later thing for me - when I have more contacts to deal with and updates to look at. 

My laptop has arrived its life span though with repair it still serves but without much capacity. Looking for a new one is compulsory but for now that could mean getting it through installment process which I think will help me to lose few hundreds bucks instead of saving them. In the midst of the chaos in my mind about how to do and complete my analysis and graphic works without using a computer - unless I allow myself to be in queue using public computer, which sounds so hectic, problematic and will give me enough headache, and right on that moment when I announced that my laptop was not working, it was like an angel's rescue, a close friend asked if I would like to borrow her laptop. She has this brand new spare which she received from special aids in her workplace. So, here I'm willing to wait for a few months paystubs in order to get a new laptop instead of going right away to the store and grab one under installment.

I realize that every problem has a solution but it doesn't have to be really fast that will make us suffer later. There is always a way and I'm so thankful for that - for the gift of patience and tolerance - our home and this world could be much better.


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