Friday, September 20, 2013

Out of the Blue

Out of the blue I'm feeling a slight discomfort on my right waist like a muscle tension on my bones. I'm still recovering from coughing. Besides the stress of work, I think the changing temperature of the heat and rain has also affected the body's resistance. Apart from that, whenever I cough, the discomfort on my waist increased as a result of strained muscle. At this time, I realize that I can't be letting myself overcome by strong emotions such as allowing anger and irritation to take control since it will trigger the muscle discomfort. I also realized that after sleeping on a string bed (though tripled with mattresses) for few weeks -  after moving to the school house, I began to feel the discomfort on my waist since the day before. So, in order not to make my condition worse, I turned to the Japanese bed style by placing my mattresses on the floor instead. It's more comfortable this way - though I'm waiting to get fully recovered. 

It's when we're in good health, we tend to be able to do plenty of things and talk about anything, But when we are in pain or in sickness, it seems to be the best moments to remember and reflect upon the things we had done before, be it good or unpleasant ones.  It helps us to realize that we are not superhuman, not supersister or superbrother, not superneighbour ... to be too smart to tell the world that we're right and correct. But it's always a good time to help us hold our tongue and listen with our heart.

I see a hero in each one as well as in myself and at the same time I also see the person incapable of many things inside us. Pain and sickness are the things which tell us who we are and why we shouldn't judge others ... we are all subjects to these but we shouldn't be discouraged. It's moulding us into a much better human person. 

Golden Gate Bridge, SFO

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