Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Oh Year 2015!

It's probably not too late for me to welcome the Year 2015.  It's already the month of March, in a week time before my birthday. A year with so much hope and anticipation but definitely not a 'thinking big' year for me.  Two years gone with lots of untold stories and events - except on my Facebook. For quite sometimes, I did not feel like writing because I was busy writing something else besides my tight work schedule. Where am I? I'm Just like a traveler always moving here and there - picking good and bad experiences.  At least I'm still here. 

Back at home for a while, I have the chance to type again on my PC. Well, it's so good to be back again after almost two years of absence from here. I do have a lot to say but I can only talk about some spiritual transformations which had kept me going and survived through certain ordeals.  I don't have the best tips of how to be rich and gain more money, but I had learnt something which I consider as lifetime tips for better life - having quality time with our loved ones and the people around us, preserving and appreciating Mother Nature and of course upholding my One and Only Faith. 

It's not so easy to detach myself from the common thinking and desire of the human race - owning big houses and more properties, having relaxations and vacations, striving for position and approval, chasing glam and glitter of life, et cetera. It's just that the more I strive to acquire them, the more less peaceful and lack of focus I become. Those two years have taught me to value the most important and necessary things in my life - my loved ones and those in need of my help - including my surrounding nature and environment. Those years also taught me to TRUST in my Faith, the Divine providence, protection, guidance and assistance. Honestly, my silence for all these while is concluded in my finding of the Divine Mercy - the answer to the most asked question in my life. 

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