Friday, August 3, 2012

When opportunity comes

Crafting and writing are parts of my life besides other weekly routines - house chores, self-study, neighborhood walk, watching movie with hubby, grocery shopping). Yes, I'm pretty comfortable most of the time. Then, comes this kind of special attention to act on a few matters which I need to respond immediately and I'm kind of stuck in between of so many things. It's demanding me to travel and be  on trips again, not to a strange country but to a very familiar place, back to my hometown in Asia. Not for a couple of weeks but years or more, on matters which have something to do with my writing projects. My supportive hubby is agreeing and we're working on it right now. I have no real idea though, of how everything is going to work but we'll go through it one step at a time. I'm a homey type of person and feel so comfortable sitting and just being there for each other with my hubby - what else do I want. But when good opportunity comes to do something you had been contemplating and wishing to do, I think I need to grab that chance at least while I still have the energy. It's kind of exciting!

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