Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Village

I realized some hindrances all these years which had left the land unattended. The road to this land is in bad shape. It's hilly and steep. Too much rain damaged some parts of the road and making it muddy and slippery. I'm not sure how many times has it been repaired but occasionally I heard complaints from the villagers and visitors about land slides. I'm also not sure if there is aid and help from any source to improve the condition of the road. I'm not surprised because of such risk, there isn't any public transportation available to this place except some adventurous  villagers who dare to drive old vehicles to the farmers market in town on weekends. I'm also concern about dozens of tourist jeeps occasionally making expedition trips to the village, making the condition of the road even worst. 

Not only the land itself is sort of being abandoned but the children are left behind and deprived of better education. Sometime ago, I came to know that teachers sent to the school here didn't turn up. The road's bad condition most probably had been the problem and could be the most solid excuse for services, helps and aids to arrive. Now, it's not just about the land but the community!

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