Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Free from unnecessary anxieties

I woke up in the morning hoping that I could finish what I had planned to do. I admit that I'm a bit exhausted of chasing time. I'm also admitting that I envy those who can totally live without money and yet they have so much freedom to feel the joy of relating with nature and doing community service. That's the freedom of having nothing to pay and owing no one. It's a rare triumph since only a few can live that way. I'm figuring out of how to take part in that challenge too - though I'll interpret it my way. 

For a shelter I'm thinking of a cabin or a trailer house with some space for a small farming project. Being in a family environment, almost everyone is talking about big money, assets and properties. Instead of getting into such business, I'm actually busy planning of how to get rid of those things and to be free from unnecessary anxieties about life - to be free from the notion that money can buy happiness.


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