Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Savor the sweetness of life right now

Got a text message from my sister last night as I was about to go to bed. My plan to take a two year break to Asia began. However, I'm also open with changes of plan and different destinations of my life. I can only plan but tomorrow is not in my hand. So, I'm also at the same time keeping busy with my crafting and writing, house chores and other family responsibilities.

I'm still thinking and pondering about the ideas of living without money or rather living within my means. If I'm given another 20 years to live, that will be an abundant blessing. But what if I live throughout those years worrying about money each day trying to make a better living and anticipating for a better future? I doubt the presence of future and the so called a better future life. Why can't we enjoy and savor the sweetness of life right now and still do not worry about tomorrows? I still believe in $0 money and $0 debt. My concern about financial matters only goes to payments but not in making more and more money, treasure and wealth. Money has caused a lot of depression in people regardless of how much they're making. I don't have to elaborate because it happened throughout centuries and is still happening today even worst. 

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