Saturday, August 11, 2012

$0 debt, $0 money

$0 debt, $0 money. How could this be possible but some people made it without losing their dignity and sanity. At the moment it may be impossible for me but every time I see the 0 in my mind, I feel lighter and liberated. 

I instead learn how to minimize not maximize. I prefer to taste and savor more really good times without worrying so much about money. Though having tons of money, we'll still be worrying so much of how to handle and care for them plus the heartache to count and pay for your income tax. Paying tax is good for the country but channeling our money for charities is noble too. It all depends on how we distribute and divide our extra incomes for the benefits of one another. Still, if you have 0 - personally, you don't have to worry about it. We're still usable for community service, for others. Big money should be for community purpose. Accumulating individually more than enough is too much for someone - unless one is ready to give them away for others in need. Detachment is never easy and yet it's freeing. 

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