Sunday, August 12, 2012

Unfinished business

Yes, I have a few unfinished business to overcome before trying to settle down for good - as a full time housewife. It's a little too early to mention what they are but I believe as I go through each day, things will reveal themselves as I venture through the WH road of life and the future. 

I remember growing up in a little town of Beaufort. It was where I continued my elementary education till I get out of high school. A town where I spent my whole teenage life until circumstances let me move to another town. After more than three decades, I feel a certain kind of longing to come back to this place, to see and experience it again. I had made a couple of visits but I would like to stay for more. It had undergone some changes though, with housing areas, shops and better roads. Certainly this place has left me with lots of good memories, hidden and treasured. There are also sad ones but I'm willing to go back, confront and face them - mostly related with family upbringing and hardships. I would like to live in this place again at least for two years - something for myself to refresh and perhaps to write about. My thoughts for the land and this town - connected by the same road. It's kind of exciting!

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