Monday, August 13, 2012

Sticking together in bad and good times

I observed a young couple as the mother prepared table mats for their two little  kids approximately 1 to 3yo, eating lunch at the mall yesterday. They remind me of many others including ours. In times of the ongoing economic crisis, families strive to provide the best for their children. It's much easier to instill in them some good manners and ethics while they're still able to listen and obey the good parents. Once they step into 'I can think for myself' attitude, then we realize it's really tough and perhaps too late. Being parents is never easy. It all depends on what we teach our children including how to handle some issues and stress in family life. When parents fall into depression, I feel sad for the children. To stay sober without guidance and assistance from someone capable of helping is difficult. Growing up as a family, we need each other, friends and family members. I hope for the family that they'll continue to stick together in bad and good times. 

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