Sunday, January 28, 2018

New Year 2018

I'm back again after a long break for about 3 months. I was away in my homeland Sabah. Guess, with all the festive programs of Christmas and family gatherings there was very little chance for me to get online. More so with internet wifi having network problem. Most of the time it happened due to rainy seasons which often accompanied by thunder & lightning. Apart from that, I had been very busy rearranging our family house. There was huge work to do. I got rid a lot of things from the house, sent some to recycle center & donated others. I managed to minimize my items to 12 smaller container boxes. I felt so relieved & lighter. Finally I was able to get rid a lot of things which I didn't really need. Still I'm hoping that one day I could reduce them to just 5 boxes. 

This year my resolution will be simpler & I'll go more casual. I used to write like I was writing for a newsletter or newspaper because I was concern about my students. They wanted to learn English for their exams. Now that I'm no longer with them, I prefer to be more direct & precise. I will deal with my own imperfection & limitation easily. I guess, part of this is for me to face the aging process. As we age day by day, we should learn how to let go of things especially those that are making us short-tempered & impatient. Honestly, I don't want to grow old being cranky or taking tranquilizer pills. I always believe in spending some quite time or silence to get peace of mind & heart. Decluttering helps me to relax my mind & body. Knowing this positive effect also helps me to be aware of any false desire which leads to being trapped in limited time & space. I'm sure everybody wants the freedom to move and the best way is to let go. 

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