Monday, July 3, 2017

Music EP

I would say that the painful process of doing my songs’ EP album is like delivery labor and raising a child. Not to mention the times when I get sick, am having a cold, sore throat and cough. For the moment, it’s more proper for me to choose and carry out what should be handled first. My four composed original songs which have been recorded at home will remain where they are. I prefer to go for the pro recordings and that will touch some matters on financial. I’ll have to wait for the right time to put these songs into good hands. Meanwhile, I’m trying to come up with a mix of half acapella and digital music which will foreshadow these songs. This too will take time, hoping that it will aid the fund for the pro recordings.

Whenever we cross a road, we'll have to stop and make sure that it's safe to do so. Everything will have to go through a process. So, it takes great faith and patience to wait.

"Everything comes to those who wait — if they work while they wait."

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