Friday, June 23, 2017

A Visit To Oregon

It has been a while since my last post. Having to do most of the things on my own at the moment, I admit that my time is very limited to put some updates right away. I do feel guilty seeing notifications of views on my page. Somehow, I just couldn’t drop by to write and post something. I should consider posting shorter updates more regularly than occasionally lengthy ones. 

Wonderful things had happened within the gaps though and one of them was a two-week visit to Oregon. I had a free tour and owe a big ‘thank you’ to a couple friends who made it possible for me to visit those extraordinarily beautiful places. It was part of the dream come true since the last few months — those times when I needed to take a break and breathe on fresh air of nature. Oregon is the best place. The wild beauty of the green forest is exactly like the ones I picture in fairy-tale stories. Obviously, some of these areas have become favorite locations for filmmakers — among others the recent famous ‘Twilight’.  Standing there seemed to overflow my mind with ideas to write a fairy-inspired fiction. 

The enchanting Japanese garden is just a perfect garden for me to take as examples — how I would like a backyard to be, in our family home in Sabah. The bamboos planted in such a way that is so creative and very well-organised remind me of our own Sabah bamboos. Somehow they just bring to me the sense of tranquillity and peace. I would like to have bamboo plants in my home. I picture how I want a corner of my apartment to be — simpler and tropical inspired. 

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