Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Its Time

9 February 2013 - Friday ----- 12 February 2013 - Tuesday

It was kind of weird to experience phone and internet lines went out of service since Friday evening to Tuesday morning - plus a few hours of electricity black out on Saturday evening. The same thing happened back there at my parents’ home just before I was about to leave for here. 

I couldn’t stop myself from being bothered as I was anxious to check on something important and waiting for calls. Somehow deep in my heart, I assured myself to be calm, let go and surrender the moments of which I had no control. 

That evening Ivan and I waited at the living room with some candles lighted on. Probably it was our chance to spend some moments sitting and listening to the silence. However we broke it by strumming the guitar while humming on the songs none of us could memorize – for which we were comforted and relieved from the stress. Then the light turned on. Electricity was back again but the phone and internet lines remained the same. Perhaps a good time to stay away for a little while from them. – as sometimes we spend more times with these electronic devices than with our loved ones - if not alone by ourselves.

It’s not easy to practice the joy of full surrender as Caussade explains but once we master this skill, life becomes really easy as sipping a cup of coffee – in fact I didn’t know that it was that simple! All my years went to search for the so called ‘true happiness’ – which lies just under your pillow. And yet to master this skill, which I can probably acquire only at the end of my life journey - I’m still a student who hope to graduate earlier and don’t have to wait until I’m at the end of my life semester.  

Then, a cable guy came to fix the phone and internet lines on Tuesday morning. It didn’t take long to get them on service again. Yes, everything seems to have its own time … 

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