Friday, February 15, 2013

The Journey

13 February 2013 - Wednesday -----15 February 2013 - Thursday

Left early morning to the airport, leaving Ivan who had to remain at home due to winter cold and flu added by the stress of letting me go on a 33 hour trip back to my homeland. Glad his mom was there to take care of him. It was a heartbreak but both of us agreed that I should take the road.

Arrived Singapore after long hours of flight plus a half an hour turbulence on the way somewhere up north of the world map - and finally managed to take a snap on this pretty Chinese New Year and Valentine floral arrangement at the airport.  Met some nice people to chat with while waiting another 5 hours before the next 2 hour flight to my homeland. Had mocha coffee and 2 slices of Kaya toasted bread just to get some coins. Made a few minutes call to Ivan. Then it was time to board.

Just a little devastated to find that my luggage wasn't there. I couldn't bear to lose the things I brought for different purposes. Again I just surrendered the moments ... gasping ... though a report had been made.

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