Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our children

What will be the fate condition of our children, our future generation? Now, though having no children of my own, my deep concern goes to my nephews and nieces ranging from 10 to 2yo. I observe most parents seem to put more priority and importance to their children's academic and other performance than domestic learnings. Parents can be very protective and at the same time forget about the possibility of their children's future survival. Plenty of basic and domestic skills can be taught at the very early age of  a child such as cooking, farming, carpentering, crafting and housekeeping in general. These skills are needed whether in times of survival crisis or good economy. 

If our children only know how to cook rice or prepare sandwich, they'll often go out to eat and spend more on exquisite food. If given a piece of land but doesn't know how to farm, they'll end up selling the property. Good enough if they can trade it with a house without paying more. Besides, having a land allows them to grow their own food. Carpentering will help them to be more creative making their own furniture, kitchen, storage or custom built their own house or cabin. Crafting allows them to spend their time fruitfully and  even add their side incomes.  Teaching children housekeeping will help them to be more organize when they grow up whether they live in a big or small house.  

Children should be exposed to soils, crops, livestock, farming and woodworking tools, craft items, kitchen utensils and ingredients, while guarding and teaching them how to handle them well. Even playing time can be something educational for children - acquiring skills for a lifetime. I'm impressed with some modern and educated parents who are well in advance aware of their children's future, teaching them these very basic domestic skills. Something in my mind to spend with my nephews and nieces later before they become too old to learn and regret.

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