Friday, February 17, 2017

Keeping Up

So much has been going on these past few weeks. It has already been a month  keeping up with my music home recording as well as writing apart from daily chores. I admit that at times I feel like giving up because of fatigue after working hard the whole day. But there's also a feeling of satisfaction seeing the outcome at the end of the day. It's of course something to console and encourage me to proceed what I have started. 

This week I found a perfect spot to do my writing. On that particular morning I had the patio at a nearby library all for myself  two hours of complete silence and undisturbed moments. The weather was extraordinarily fine for this winter season that I didn't shiver at all. This is exactly the moment I need to get immersed into my own fairy tale epic. I can't wait to see the ending. It's still a long way to go. 

As for now, most of my times are spent on creating and writing while learning at the same time. I admit that I'm still lacking in many ways and quite slow at time. I just have to be patient with myself especially with this thing about being perfectionist  learning to be more flexible instead. 

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