Monday, January 16, 2017

Time and Space

I have been coming back and forth  between my hometown and where I live now for a decade. I have learned the ups and downs, pros and cons of living in a different continent. At this point of the journey, I have acquired the strengths, valuable experiences and knowledge I needed to understand the kind of lifestyles here. Now, I seem to be ready for the next adventure of moving out and to stay focus on my calling. But it's not until I have completed an album of twelve action songs and an EP. 

Last Sunday, I had some moments spent in Gaslamp, having breakfast at Hard Rock Hotel, Black Forest Cherry Sundae at Ghirardelli Chocolate, taking a walk around the district and capturing a view of Little Italy. I was telling myself that this could be my perfect place to live as a song composer and writer ─ at least for a year or two.

Now that I have a long list of song-writing task-flow plus a novel which I managed to write three chapters so far, and a desire to come up with some artwork designs, I definitely need my own  quiet and peaceful time and space. Yes, it's so easy to wish on having something but to go through the details of moving out and renting is a challenge but not impossible.

I know what it means to get up at 4 a.m., getting ready in a rush, being stuck in traffic  jam, loaded with bunch of paperwork, coming home late and still doing some works before going to bed having that experience for more than ten years. It was all right for certain period of years but it has left me stagnant. Now that I have hired my own self, staying focus on my writing tasks is like being a captain of my own boat. I'm fully responsible for most of my administration but the sense of 'freedom' is awesome. I can tell myself to get sick leave on weekdays and to resume work on weekend. I can show mercy and compassion towards myself when I need it or push myself to work until I hit the target score of the day. Good thing that I have learned a lot in managing time and work during my working years. I have built that trust between employer and employee within me. So, I'm fully hired! 

Any type of good job which helps someone to earn the food that he/she eats ─ is a blessing. 

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