Monday, January 28, 2013

Waiting Gaps And A Night In Tokyo

After 3 hour flight from KK to KL and plus 6 hour journey to Tokyo, this is what I found; 0°C at Narita Airport at 7 o'clock in the morning. I was a little devastated, thinking will I be able to make it to LA tonight. Some flights had been canceled. It was supposed to be another 13 hours before the next flight and I was quite worried, but somehow managed to calm myself. I took time to read 'The Joy Of Full Surrender' and I guessed that was it ... que sera sera ...

As if it wasn't enough with the heavy snow in the morning, just as we had already seated in the plane, we were told to disembark due to some technical problems, which I think was a wiser thing to do on their part. Everything went pretty neat and fast in spite of some confusions among passengers. We were finally told that we could only proceed with the next day flight - and it was already midnight in Tokyo. They were kind enough to care for us by providing us with a nice accommodation plus breakfast coupon in one of the best hotels .

So, here I was, having the whole room for myself. 

This is pretty neat ...

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