Saturday, January 26, 2013

Encounter With The Youngs

January 14 - 26, 2013

Had been busy with community service, teaching jobs at a Chinese high school. Had been here for almost a month - working from Monday to Saturday, 7 to 2. So, I had the whole afternoon for myself - except that I had to babysit my 5 yo niece and 2 and 10 yo nephews sometimes. In this school, I treasured every moment, enjoying my given tasks; educating students ranging from 13 to 18 yo - with my subjects; ESL and Civic. Being with them reminded me of my own high school time -  more than 25 years ago, somewhere here in the same town. I was probably teaching their children but I just couldn't recall if their parents were from the same school as mine. There is something about mixing around with young and fresh people. You'll learn something new and fresh as well. Somehow, these youngsters do still need lots of guidance and advice from adults. They're just growing into the knowing - more about life.  

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